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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal for Oakville. Burlington & Surrounding Area

Over the years your feelings about your tattoo may have changed. Maybe you got something in your youth that hasn’t aged well. Maybe its a former partners name or initial. Whatever the reason you don’t love your tattoo anymore, she can help.  Laser tattoo removal is completed over several sessions that will slowly erase the ink of the tattoo.  There is a common myth that the laser removal is extremely painful, while there is some pain it’s not as bad as most people assume.  Most find it’s less painful than the actual original tattoo.  How many treatments are required depends on a few factors such as your skin pigmentation, the size of the too and which colours were used.  Each situation is unique when it comes to removal and a consultation is a necessity. Please contact Lia to book a free consultation.


Pair Laser Removal with a Cover Up Tattoo

Often clients choose to pair laser removal with cover-up tattoos to get the desired new piece without having to compromise on size and colour choices.  It is possible to remove some of the original tattoo with laser removal and then perform a cover up tattoo to revamp the original design or get a whole new design. 

During your free consultation Lia would be more than happy to explain what would be possible with combining both laser removal and cover up techniques if you have a general idea of a tattoo design in mind.