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Cover UpTattoos for Burlington & Oakville

Cover ups are one of Lia’s specialties. It is where she feels she gets some of the most interesting, challenging and gratifying pieces. Problem solving, using colour, size, placement and detail are all great tools to doing a great re-work or total cover up tattoo for her clients. It really excites Lia to think outside the box to get the best result for this new piece.

Don’t just live with something you don’t love. More is possible than you think when it comes to a cover up tattoo, whether you want the same tattoo but better or to change the design to something else completely, anything is possible.

Part of the reason she chose to do laser tattoo removal training is to open up the options available to clients for cover ups. Laser removal is not always necessary for tattoo cover ups but may be used in collaboration with new art to have the best possible outcome.

Consultations are FREE and a very important first step to getting rid of your old tattoo with a new awesome tattoo. Consultations can be booked at our centrally located Burlington location which is close for Burlington and Oakville residents.