I began working in the industry in my early twenties in London ON. Soon after I began my apprenticeship with Joe Higgin, a veteran on the art for over 25 years. Upon completing my apprenticeship I continued working with Joe at his shop "Grafic Skin" in London. In 2010 I moved back to my hometown of Burlington ON and have been happily working for
myself ever since!


Healing varies from person to person. General guidelines to follow are to keep your new tattoo clean by washing regularly with warm water and mild soap. Never rebandage your tattoo, and change towels and sheets often to avoid bacteria and pet hair. Please refer to the tattoo aftercare sheet you were provided for further instructions. And please contact me with any questions or concerns.


Is a term used for permanent make up. I preform classic, subtle, and corrective permanent make up to eye brows and eyes liner (no lips). A consultation is necessary and free. Prices vary depending on clients needs.

CoolBeans is Health Board certified
and adheres to all health board